Our company mainly produces all kinds of premelting hollow particle continuous casting powder, all kinds of hollow particle steel package / iron package / intermediate covering agent, steel package drainage sand, refining slag, heating agent, carbonizing agent, cored wire and some irregular refractory materials. Customer can consult our sales department and technical team for cooperative application program, and we can provide research and development, design, production, guidance and tracking service.
Casting powder is a very important functional material in the process of continuous casting, which plays an important role in the continuous casting process and the improvement of billet surface quality, and it is praised as "industrial MSG" by metallurgical workers at home and abroad. There are varieties of casting powder with different types and different classification methods. Generally it can be divided into different powders according to steel grade characteristics, continuous casting equipment characteristics and continuous casting process condition (such as stainless steel, ultra-low carbon steel, carbon steel, etc.), slab caster casting powder (such as: thick plate, plate, ultra-thin plate, slab, etc.), square billet, billet casting powder, heating casting powder, etc.
There are varieties of covering agent, it can be divided into steel package / iron package / intermediate package covering agent according to different use scenarios. It can also be divided into metallurgical covering agent, magnesium covering agent, ultra-low carbon covering agent, acid / alkaline covering agent according to different functions.
According to different materials, drainage sand can be divided into zirconium, chromium, silicon, magnesium and so on.
According to melting temperature, refined slag can be divided into premelting refining slag and sintered refining slag.


Premelting casting powder

Hollow particle covering agent

Carbon-free hollow particle covering agent

Solid particle covering agent


Silica drainage sand

Chrome drainage sand

Zirconium drainage sand



Low N carburizer

Premelting refining slag

Low titanium refining slag

Cored wire


Compound deoxidizer

Compound desulfurizer

SiliconCarbon heating ball

Refining slag agent



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