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Lead-Free & No-chemical element, FDA Inspection Passed

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Pink- Rose Design- Peeler, Brush, Stand 

Item # G-006  

Yellow EM Deigns- (Peeler, Brush, Stand )

Item # G-207

White Color item# G-005

Purple Em Deigns -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-220

​Butterfly Design  Item # G-016

Grater Set G-518 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Chili Design,  Item # G-008

Beautiful & Artistic Hand Crafted Products

Blue EM Deigns, Item # G-212

Out Of Stock

Zibra Design Grater,  Item # G-021

Ceramic Graters

Our ceramic graters created by Professional Ceramic Artists 

also, All of our graters passed Food safety FDA test duringit is importing to United States.

Olive Yellow Design  Item # G-014



Rooster -including Peeler, Brush, Stand 

item #G-018

Grater Set G-512 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Out Of Stock.

Grater Set, Snow in Red,  item # G-518

Rooster Design,  Item # G-018

Pink EM Deigns,  Item # G-206

Blue Line -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

item # G-012

Olive Yellow, G-014

Red EM Deigns,Item # G-210

Black Color Grater, Item # G-011

James  Designs

​Butterfly Design -Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-016

Green EM Deigns,  Item # G-209

Olive Yellow, G-014

Ladybug Design Grater,  Item # G-023

Garlic Roasters

Our products are made out of natural pottery, it's been selected from Ceramic Artist and co-ops to ensure the highest quality.

Purple EM Deigns,  Item # G-220

White Color,- Peeler, Brush, Stand

item# G-005

Grater Set, Blue-Ocean, item # G-512

Grater Set, Yellow-Peace,   item # G-505

Grater Set, Cafe-Brown,   item # G-507

Out Of Stock.

Black -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

item # G-011

Grater Set, Green-Mountains,  item # G-508

Chili Design -including Peeler, Brush, Stand 

Item # G-008

Green EM Deigns,-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-209

Pink- Rose, G-006

Lavender Color -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-013

Out Of Stock.

Green Color Design, Item # G-009

---- Glazing Effect Beautiful & Artistic Hand Crafted Products ----

Grater Set G-505 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Red Sunflower Design  Item # G-010

Lavender Color,  Item # G-013

Olive Dishes

Red Sunflower -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

item # G-010

Lead-Free & No-chemical element, FDA Inspection Passed

Blue EM Deigns-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

 Item # G-212

Red EM Deigns-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-210

Green Color -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-009

Grater Set G-508 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Ladybug Design - Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-023

Pink EM Deigns-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-206

Grater Set G-507 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Zibra Design -including Peeler, Brush, Stand  Item # G-021

Yellow EM Deigns,  Item # G-207

Blue Line Design, Item # G-012