Purple EM Deigns,  Item # G-220

White Color,- Peeler, Brush, Stand

item# G-005

Lavender Color,  Item # G-013

Zibra Design -including Peeler, Brush, Stand  Item # G-021

Blue EM Deigns-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

 Item # G-212

Olive Yellow, G-014

Pink- Rose, G-006

Black -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

item # G-011



Rooster Design,  Item # G-018

Yellow EM Deigns,  Item # G-207

Blue EM Deigns, Item # G-212

---- Glazing Effect Beautiful & Artistic Hand Crafted Products ----

White Color item# G-005

Garlic Roasters

Our produce is made out or natural pottery, it's been selected from Ceramic Artist and co-ops to ensure the highest quality.

Grater Set, Yellow-Peace,   item # G-505

Ladybug Design - Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-023

Lead-Free & No-chemical element, FDA Inspection Passed

Rooster -including Peeler, Brush, Stand 

item #G-018

Grater Set G-512 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Grater Set, Green-Mountains,  item # G-508

Chili Design -including Peeler, Brush, Stand 

Item # G-008

Chili Design,  Item # G-008

Red Sunflower -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

item # G-010

Grater Set, Snow in Red,  item # G-518

Olive Dishes

Purple Em Deigns -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-220

James  Designs

Green Color Design, Item # G-009

​Butterfly Design -Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-016

Grater Set, Red-Solar, item # G-510

Beautiful & Artistic Hand Crafted Products

​Butterfly Design  Item # G-016

Red EM Deigns-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-210

Pink- Rose Design- Peeler, Brush, Stand 

Item # G-006  

G-212 Out of Stock

Pink EM Deigns,  Item # G-206

Red Sunflower Design  Item # G-010

Grater Set, Cafe-Brown,   item # G-507

Red EM Deigns,Item # G-210

Grater Set G-507 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Black Color Grater, Item # G-011

Grater Set G-508 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Yellow EM Deigns- (Peeler, Brush, Stand )

Item # G-207

Grater Set, Blue-Ocean, item # G-512

Ladybug Design Grater,  Item # G-023

Grater Set G-510 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Olive Yellow, G-014

Ceramic Graters

Our ceramic graters created by Professional Ceramic Artists 

also, All of our graters passed Food safety FDA test duringit is importing to United States.

Lavender Color -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-013

Olive Yellow Design  Item # G-014

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Blue Line -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

item # G-012

Blue Line Design, Item # G-012

Green EM Deigns,  Item # G-209

Green EM Deigns,-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-209

Green Color -including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-009

Grater Set G-518 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Zibra Design Grater,  Item # G-021

Grater Set G-505 (Including Peeler and Brush)

Pink EM Deigns-including Peeler, Brush, Stand

Item # G-206